Guit — 1x Fender, Marshall, Mesa Boogie min 100Вт.

Bass — Trace Elliot, Fender, Hughes & Kettner, Ampeg min 300Вт.,

Keyboards — 1x stereo pair (2x d.i. box), Keyboard stand

(1)  2 x 300Вт RMS monitor Saxophone –   line 1
(2)  2 x 300Вт RMS monitor Gtr & Bass   —    line 2
(3)  2 x 300Вт RMS monitor drum field –  line 3

MIX1: (Sax player) – Sax,Keyboards,Gtr,Kick,Snare
MIX2: (Keyb player) – Keyboards,Kick,Snare,Bass,Gtr,Sax
MIX3: (Gtr&Bass players) – Keyboards,Sax,Kick,Snare
MIX4: (Drummer) – Bass,Kick,Snare,Gtr,Keyboards,Sax


1kickakg d 112 /shure beta 52gate
2snareshure beta 57/sm 57compr
3Hi Hatakg 460,shure 81 
4O.h. Lakg 414/460 , shure 81 
5O.h. Rakg 414/460 , shure 81 
6Bass d.i.1x d.i. boxcompr
7Gtr combo(shure sm 57)compr
8Kbd LD.I box 
9Kbd RD.I box 
10Baritone saxUnbalanced jack (D.I box)compr

Note: Saxophone player use his own preamp-reverb for the sax. Preamp have a unbalanced output jack output.
Note: Drumset must be DW , Tama, Gretch.
Kick 22”, Snare stand,4 x cymbal stands,Hi Hat mashine,  Rack tom 1 and 2, and Floor tom.